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EA6C8B8713555AD2CCCF9659DEBBCCC5Marketing /Evangelizing Tips- 

#1. To Profit or Prophet? That is the question.  Do we make money or tell the people about the good news? Is there a way to do both? Yes. You can run your business and do it to the glory of God. I Cor. 10:31b

#2. Let your light so shine before men, so all will see the good works…

#3. Even though we all want to profit from our products we have to remember we are evangelists as well. Look at your products; can your media project take on more than one avenue? Can your film be a stage play, book, web series, television series or comic book series? Don’t just take each of these avenues because you can make a profit, think in terms of ‘this media project can provide great family entertainment, the message of the gospel, or a redemptive message’.


 The Relevance of Festivals & Conferences


1. Sharing Knowledge

2. Gathering Knowledge

3. Spreading the Gospel through Media

4. Providing Family Friendly and Inspirational Entertainment

5. Training up the Next Generation  

6. Fellowshipping and Connecting

7. Brainstorming for Future Projects


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