About Us

About Us

Her Shine LLC is a charitable media arts ministry that functions to help foster positive growth in our communities through educational, ministry and cultural programs, with a focus on women and youth.  Our goal is to empower, educate and promote a healthy esteem while providing a forum in which to help facilitate community involvement and enrichment through arts, literacy and cultural programs. We seek to edify, empower and build females up to steer them from falling prey to human trafficking, disenchantment and other demoralizing ideologies. Not allowing our young girls to fall into the misconceptions of what society says is beautiful or successful. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, apple of HIS eye, royal heirs. We do not stand in darkness, we are salt and light! (*Our signature events: GloryReelz Christian Film Festival & Writer’s Lab, Girls with Grace Workshops, Her Shine Summit for Women, Meet 4 the Master’s Use Dance and Worship Arts Symposium, Malku Media Speaking & HS Women’s Empowerment Breakfast).


The mission of Her Shine is to be a main source focused on educating, encouraging and entertaining via   media and worship arts ministry events and projects of the highest moral standards with a focus on women and youth.


Our vision is to not only be a platform in the Midwest for the Christian film and media industry to promote and showcase work but to unify those working or sowing into the media and worship arts and honor women and youth in the community who are showing the light of Christ through their efforts.


Special Events, Literacy Programs, Workshops, Stage Plays, Dance and Worship Arts Instruction, Education, Film and Television Production and Set Design under HPE.

Chief Visionary & the Team

The CV is many things including managing partner of HPE, an accomplished playwright, assistant filmmaker, author, drama coach, publisher, speaker, instructor, dancer, actor, garment designer, former television producer and host, and entrepreneur who dedicates her life to doing everything unto the glory of the Lord. Boards – WIFTV MI Chapter,  formerly NABFEME MI, Co-Director D.M.A.U. (Dance & Ministry Ambassadors United), Founder of the D.M.A.D.I. Institute. She hosts the annual events A Winter’s Night of Worship in Dance (January), Theatre and Illustrative Arts Boot Camp & Glory Writer’s Workshop (March) and GloryReelz Christian Film Festival and Writer’s Lab (June), which serves as a vehicle for artist and ministers to train, fellowship and showcase Christian Films, Stage Plays and Books and is co-host of Meet for the Master’s Use Worship Arts and Dance Symposium (August) a national joint venture spanning Michigan, Georgia, Illinois and Nevada. She does all this but not without the help of a few incredible people she calls ‘the Team’.  Let us know how we can be of service to you!

HSM stands on Mat. 5:16 Let your light so shine so men will see and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.


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