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Award Winning Filmmakers to Instruct @2015 Festival

Join us at the 4th Annual GloryReelz Film Fest where award winning filmmakers and authors will be among the instructors:

Chloe Borai- Bullycide (Chloe)

Keith Perna- Christmas Grace

Penny Carlisi- Unexpected Places

Karen White-Owens – Someone to Love, The Touch (Angels in Training Series)

and much more. Attend, learn, grow, share, be blessed and be a blessing!


First Annual Truth Awards a Success!

We are so very proud of Mission Worx Films and their production of the first annual Truth Awards held recently in Nashville, TN. The event was created to inspire Christian filmmakers and I would have to say job well done! Daryl and the team came up to Michigan for the 3rd annual GloryReelz Christian Film Festival and Writer’s Lab and won Best Biblical Message at the 2014 GR Awards.  I plan to take a team of folks with me to Tennessee next year (join us) but in the meantime look at the 2015 Truth Awards.