The Call: Develop and Produce

Everyone wants to be a filmmaker or television star these days, but do you know what it really takes to create or become the character or operator for these roles? It’s more than just saying I have a camera and my cousins and neighbor shot a film in our basement/backyard/mall or I have an idea I’m going to make a film. To begin you need three key components: a great story, a well thought out business plan and passion. One needs to know exactly what they plan to have happen, what they want to have happen, what they expect to happen and a basic laying out of details for what should happen. From beginning to end, know how many people are needed for the team, for the film, video or production, for completion and a total of expenses or benefits needed for that group to participate. From pre-production through post production, you have to lay out a step by step plan of the events to take place, who will do what, lists of expenses, and various other forms. What is the goal of your production? Is it to give God glory, share the gospel or tell of His redeeming love for us? Is your goal to provide edification or clean entertainment for families? Lay it out from idea to final presentation. Once you have developed your idea, planned and secured funding, selected cast and crew -you can start Producing. But please remember you should never move ahead, even if you have a great script, a budget and awesome cast, unless you have gotten the ‘Green Light’ from God. Once you have your ‘Green Light’ from God (you prayed and He answered) it’s time to move forward with producing your media project- be it film, TV, web, stage or a literary project.  Don’t neglect the completing and closing of your project- that is marketing and publicity, submitting to film festivals and going out to talk about your film to others (submitting and attending film festivals, supporting other events, shopping your project, traveling with cast or crew members -should be included in your budget). Whether you make money or not (we hope to if this is our profession (O;) this is where passion comes in to play. Your passion is realized as a willing obligation to do this work. You HAVE to make films or media, you HAVE to be a part of the process with whatever your gift, talent or ability happens to be, it becomes more than a passion for you yourself, but a desire to work as stewards for Christ (the owner of all) and help others as we present to Him the fruit of our labor. Matt. 25:14-25. *Use your gift or lose your gift (blessing)…

The last two thoughts I will leave with you are Distribution & Next Up! You can shop or ask for distribution or you can submit to film festivals and whether you win or not, this is a good appeal for distribution and also lets distributors know your film was judged as worthy of letting others see and thereby making your film available to share with others worldwide (a goal of GloryReelz Christian Film Fest & Writer’s Lab). After your first film if it is/was really good and there’s still more story to tell, what about a sequel? If you made a really good film that touched the people, had a message that pricked hearts and has people talking then it’s time to make the next film. Don’t stop – true disciples/warriors/soldiers/advocates for Christ never do. They keep sharing the gospel, they continue to speak out the heart of God, they make, by any means, film and other media that shares messages of redemption, hope, love and the saving grace of our Lord! Develop and Produce, don’t quit. If you aren’t a writer you still have a gift or talent that can help with the gospel of Jesus Christ- makeup/hair, styling, set design, location scout, casting, storyboarding, finance/budget manager, directing, creative consultant, marketing,  whatever it is give it your all. The only way we can create, make and complete our projects is by supporting one another, working together, lending our talents and understanding that we are to walk in the calling on our lives. Hence the theme of GRCFF’ ‘PRODUCED by GRACE’  Your making Christian, Family Friendly and Inspirational films and media is not by accident. You have discovered, answered or acknowledged the call on your life and decided you are not of this world. What you do was predestined for you long ago. Let us continue to work for the Kingdom!

Eph. 2:10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Be encouraged!

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