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Film Festival Faux Paus

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Entering your film in a film festival? Here are Some Tips from Festival Presenters

1. If the submission guideline says read carefully or please follow- do that.

2. If Genre Specific (i.e. Going Green, Christian) make sure that is what your film displays.

3. Don’t delay, know what festivals you plan to submit to and which ones you will attend etc. Then work out a budget to film, submit and travel.

4. Don’t harass the festival promoters

5. Don’t try to conform the festival to your way of thinking because you don’t like the rules.

6. Festivals HAVE THE RIGHT to REFUSE your film.

7. Most festivals have a submission process fee- THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE /NON-REFUNDABLE!

8. DVD’s are generally not returned.

9. Your first film doesn’t have to be 3 hours! Starting out a short film will help you get acclimated with the filming process and get a feel for the festival circuit.

10. Don’t rush your project, this is a big reason for not being accepted.

11. Fill out submission forms neatly and legibly. Scribbling, line drawing etc. shows rushing and may send a message to the festival that it’s not that important to you.

12. It’s a Christian film festival- honoring the Lord, it’s family friendly- kids can watch without supervision, don’t send films with profanity, nudity, lewd behavior.  You apparently didn’t realize this was a Christian festival, or you wanted to see if we would compromise.

13. When at all possible make your way to a festival, especially when you are a finalist. We don’t mind giving you the award if you earn/win it, but the audience wants to meet you, see you and the cast/crew, ask questions and get to know the ‘backstory’. This is your opportunity to do more than just say ‘you made a movie’. This is the time to build your following/fan base, create a real presence and show people the face of the film. These are usually the people that will then support your indiegogo/kickstarter/faithlaunching ventures.

14. Don’t be afraid to be proactive in marketing a film festival. Encourage your friends and family to attend the festival, even if you can’t make it, spread the word about a festival you are in, the more people ask about a festival or attend because of you said so, the more festivals take notice of you and your film and proactively work to promote you to other festivals and distributors…

15. Don’t just become a number on my FB page, and don’t splatter my page with your promos either, but good information about you and what you are working on is okay. Give feedback sometimes too. If we have a survey or a question, it means we want to know what you think!

16. Don’t jump into it unless you first pray through it.

A Refreshing is Available

Spring is here and now is the time to refresh, renew and revive!  It’s most imperative in order to revive and blow fresh life into something that you clear out old clutter and anything blocking the way. Whether it be your home, body, work or life – now is the time to refresh (clean out), renew (remove the old), and revive (give a renewal). I challenge you to start that new book, record that song, make that film, lose that weight, gain the muscle, cultivate that relationship!

Clean everything out- Begin the cleaning/cleansing process with an assessment of what holds value and meaning and what has become obsolete. Anything that is weighing you down or blocking that way to fresh starts must go.

Throw out the old- Anything you no longer need, anything you no longer have use for or anyone that no longer creates positive energy in your life. Remove all negative objects and energy from your space.

Start the renewal process- You are now ready to revive for a new you, a renewed life/home.

When you fast/cleanse, when you clean your home, when you clear out, prioritize and organize what you have everything just makes so much more sense. This is what sets you on the clear path to accomplishment.

My prayer is that you have a renewed sense of self and are open to receiving God’s wisdom in what His plans are for you and you have a refreshing that allows you to follow His direction.